• Armahatton

2013 Short Film


Written & directed by FEIERBLUMM


The FEIERBLUMM contribution to the Crème Frâiche Competition of the Discoveryzone Film Festival 2013.

The film was preproduced and shot from scratch in just one weekend in collaboration with pupils of the Lycée Ermesinde.


Cast: Christine Wolf, Brian Bovi, Frédéric Payet, Steve Deister, Michel Tereba, Yasin Özen, Mehmed Özen, George Edward Nixon, Yannick Louis, Lynn Van Der Werken, Philippe Ludivig, Sacha Bachim, Martine Kohn, Tom Faber, Sarah Özen, Laura Urbany


Written & directed by students of the Lycée Ermesinde:

Brian Bovi, Eric De Oliveira, Christophe Klares, Frédéric Payet, Lynn Van Der Werken, Christine Wolf


Coached by Feierblumm members:

Yasin Özen, Serge Benassutti, Laurent Prim, Sacha Bachim, Mehmed Özen, Martine Kohn, Kim Schneider, Laura Urbany


Visual Effects: Pol Winandy and Philippe Ludivig

Sound Design and Music: Tom Winandy