• Darkness of the Red Light

The Darkness of the Red Light - aaPoster copya

2007 Short Film


Written by Carapio Howald

Directed by Claude Hoffmann  

As the Don Bosco scout group is heading off for a night rally in the woods they decide to ignore the disturbing rumours about a recent series of gruesome killings…

Cast: Laurie Eicher, Julie Hausemer, Dorothée Franzen, Jeff Becker, Chris Bestgen, Laurent Fanck, Daniel Bestgen, Claude Hoffmann, Albert Engstfeld, Philippe Manderscheid


Directed by Claude Hoffmann

Written by Carapio Howald

Assistant director and editor: Yves Steichen


Produced by FEIERBLUMM Productions a.s.b.l. in association with Carapio Howald


Camera: Philippe Manderscheid

Grip: Sacha Bachim, Albert Engstfeld

Sound: Daniel Bestgen

Music score: Philippe Engstfeld

Music recording: Daniel Schiltz

Credits song: Oxtail Soup by Javies