• Hoffnung auf Heilung

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2014 Short Films



Written & directed by





Four young people from “een Häerz fir kriibskrank Kanner” asbl have each written and directed one short film with help and coaching by Feierblumm Productions asbl.
(written & directed by Maurice, aged 15)
While at home with his mother, Max experiences a strange state of body and mind. He can’t move a muscle even though he can sense the world around him. At the hospital the doctor gives a frightening diagnosis.
(written & directed by Bella, aged 21)
Sasha has a walking disability. When she notices people watching her while walking in the street, her mother comforts her.
(written & directed by Eric, aged 24)
A boy’s mother dwells in her memories about the sickness and the recovery of her strong-willed son.
(written & directed by Sammy-Jo, aged 19)
Sury is lying in a hospital bed. The walls are white and boring, the doctors overwhelm her with too much information, but she’s in for an exciting surprise. 
The four short films will be shown at the exhibition “Hoffnung auf Heilung” at “Konschthaus beim Engel” from February 14 to March 8, 2014.
Cast: Christiane Rausch, Luc Spada, Al Ginter, Carla Lucarelli, Camille Genson, Sabine Rossbach, Tun Wampach, Michel Tereba, Charlotte Elsen


Written & directed by Maurice, Bella, Sammy-Jo, Eric


Produced by FEIERBLUMM Production asbl & een Häerz fir kriibskrank Kanner asbl

Workshops & Coaching by Yasin Özen, Serge Benassutti


Production Manager & 1st Assistant Director: Yasin Özen

Coordinator “een Häerz fir kriibskrank Kanner” asbl: Andrea Helbach


Director of Photography: Serge Benassutti

1st Camera Assistant: Nikos Welter

2nd Camera Assistant: Lynn van der Weken


Production Designer: Sandra Petersson

Set Construction: Jessica Oliveira, Paul Robert

Make-Up: Jasmine Schmit


Sound: Alain Goniva


Editing: Yasin Özen

Colour Grading: Serge Benassutti

Sound Editing & Mix: Tom Winandy


Thanks to all the actors for taking the time for this project!


Special thanks to Hôpital Kirchberg, François Dickes, Lycée Ermesinde Mersch, Global Facilities SA, fachmaart robert steinhäuser SA