• Orientierungslos

2017 Short film


Directed and written by Lara Mack

Orientierungslos tells the story of two young female students going on a camping trip to discover in an emotional chaos that their perception of friendship is very different.


Carlotta Callsen, Eugénie Anselin, Timo Wagner, Isabelle Dickes, Philippe Meyrer, Fabrice Hermann, Jérôme Burelbach, Chris Welter, Michael Magalhaes, 



Directed by Lara Mack

Screenplay by Lara Mack


Produced by FEIERBLUMM Productions a.s.b.l.

in association with the University of Applied Sciences Mainz

with the kind support of Ministère de la Culture and Ministère de l’Egalité des chances

Production Manager: Cédric Kieffer, Lara Mack

Production Assistant: Vanessa Dahl, 

Director of Photography: Tim Bieker

Music: Daniel Mack, Assfull of Love, Christian Schiltz

Edited by Erik Pfeiffer


1st Assistant Director: Vanessa Dahl

2nd Assistant Director: Patrick Haack

Unit Director: Eric Bitencourt

Continuity/Script: Caroline Rocco

1st Camera Assistant: Fabien Spaus

2nd Camera Assistant: Christophe Schammel

Additional Grip: Noah Fohl

Steady-Cam: Oliver Waldbillig

Gaffer: Julian Merker

Best Boy: Andre Windolf

Production Sound Mixer & Boom Operator:   Philipp Grzemba


Production Design: Patricia Burban

Set Decorator: Aurélie Schiltz, Enrico Herth

Head of Costume: Joy Philipps

Set Costumers: Kelly Kosel, Anh Nguyen, Lisa Folschette

Make-up Artist: Lisa Folschette


Runners: Encrico Herth, Pascale Merens


Colorist: Vanessa Dahl


Making-Of: Xavier Salomon

Poster Design: Michelle Kleyr



Thanks to sponsors and support: BIL Luxembourg, Buffadini, Bofferding, Fischer SA, Cactus, Granini, Arri Rental Luxemburg, Guiden a Scouten Bilsdorf, Commune Waisswampach, Commune Goesdorf