• On a Plane

2011 Music Video


Written and directed by Laurent Prim

Music Video for the single On a Plane by the band Fox

Cast: Noémie Leer & Nilton Martins


Written, directed and edited by Laurent Prim

Camera & Lights: Philippe Manderscheid, Serge Benassutti, Max Stoltz

Set Design & Construction: Sandra Petersson M

ake-Up: Julie Asselborn

Crew: Elisa Hengen, Iris Spyckerelle, Fabrice Genot, Sacha Bachim


Special Thanks: Tom @ Sixth Floor for letting us use their workshop (visit them: sixthfloor.lu ); All the people @ Sixth Dloor; Lycée Ermesinde for providing a location; Jacques Molitor; Diego Militello for being so kind and lending us his portrait paintings; Jaakes @ Holtz Studios; Michel Tereba