Frequently asked Questions

1What is Feierblumm?
Feierblumm is a Non-Profit-Association (a.s.b.l.). The body is made up of professional filmmakers and film enthusiasts.
2What are the objectives of Feierblumm?
We support projects of filmmakers, who want to take their first steps in the Luxembourgish film sector.
3When was Feierblumm founded?
Feierblumm Productions asbl was founded in March 2008.
4What are the most important events?
One of our most important events is our GA (General Assembly). You can get an invitation if you are member of our association.
We have a members webpage where you have access to our events and offers.
Please check out our members page for current dates. We’d love to see you there.

What are the conditions to work with Feierblumm?

1How do I communicate with Feierblumm?
If you have a question or a project, please send us an e-mail at:
We’re dedicated to reply to your questions, remarks, suggestions for improvement, surprise mails, greetings, memes as quick as possible. Unfortunately this is not always possible as fast as we would like to.
Thank you for your understanding.
2Can you help me develop my project?
We’d love to help you to start with your project. Form the idea to the production.
Find out what we can offer you here.
Send us an e-mail and we will read your script and help you to organise your project.
3How does Feierblumm support my project?
Find our offers on following page. We endeavor of course to meet your needs individually.

We’d love to give you some suggestions.The more precise your question, the better. Some examples:
I want to work on a luxemburgish film production this summer. Do you know on who’s door I should knock?
I plan to film a documentary about Luxembourg City. Might my camcorder/cell phones be adequate?
How do I get a filming permit for place X?
I saw an awesome effect in film X. Do you know how to reproduce it?
Where do I get external funding for my project?

We love networking:
Help! I’m looking for a cameraman, camerawoman.
Urgent! I look for a place to shoot.
Oh no! My actor, actress cancelled. Where do I get a substitute?

Remark: The earlier you ask, the greater the chance that we can help.
Remark: You need to be a Feierblumm member to benefit from this offer.
4Can Feierblumm help me distribute my project?
Over the last years Feierblumm has build a network of different festivals and distribution channels.
Please submit your project via our members website. We will take a look at your project and take a decision in the following weeks. You will get informed on the status of your submission by e-mail.

Remark: You need to be a Feierblumm member to benefit from this offer.
5General statement of Feierblumm
The members of Feierblumm have as their highest priority the respect the interests of the association. They do not support racist, homophobic and/or political statements and commit themselves to consult in a climate of mutual trust that allows a truthful and constructive dialogue among each other and to promote and adhere to humanistic values.


1I want to participate, can I become a member of Feierblumm?
We’d be delighted to see new flowers grow!
To become a part of the fellowship for a one-year period, we invite you to visit our Members website and to subscribe there. Through your membership you’ll be entitled to receive support from Feierblumm.
Besides you will receive an invitation to our annual GA (general assembly).
In addition, you help filmmakers, making their first steps in the Luxembourgish film sector.
2How can I donate?
If you’re thinking about a monetary donation, we’d like to invite you to transfer the amount of your choice with the wording „Donation + Firstname, Lastname“ onto the bank account of Feierblumm:
IBAN LU45 0019 5955 3215 4000 – BIC BCEELULL
We cannot accept in-kind donations.
Thank you very much!