• One of These Days

2013 Short Film


Directed by Julian Albrecht & Jérôme Weber
Written by Jérôme Weber

Dave is in his mid 20s and his relationship with Emily is strained. From the moment he looks into the mirror and sees himself as an old guy, it’s all haywire…
One of these days - Palmarès
Cast: Jérôme Weber, Melanie Tibout, Lambert Schlechter, Radica Vujicin, Gilles Soeder, Chris Albrecht


Directed & Produced by Jérôme Weber & Julian Albrecht

Associate Producer: Radica Vujicin

Written by Jérôme Weber


D.O.P & Editor: Julian Albrecht

Music by Freeplay Music, Daniel Balthasar

Boom Operator: Ludovic Lemoine

Light Assistant: Tim Leclerc, Daniel Lahyr

Set Photographer: Samuel Lemoine


Special Thanks: Romain Roll, Juan Aguilar, Steve Albrecht, Carolina Lazo

One of these days - Press