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“…we don’t chase that money, to be happy…”

Money is a creative piece dealing with the essential cornerstones to achieve happiness. The chase for money has never made anyone any happier, but at same time, it’s the driving force for a lot of people in our capitalist society. The reggae tune highlights an artistic perspective on how we act and on how we could act instead. The song is supposed to be a three minute break for our troubled minds that chase from meeting to meeting. Being one of the catchiest songs on "Reggae Rescue", Money will grab you and make you sing-along right after the first chorus. Everything could be so easy: Just focus on the essentials.

For the Video of Money, the disliked collaborated with the iconic Tun Tonnar (Turn-up Tun, Stay Fou, Räpzodi). One of the most talented creative forces in the Luxemburgish scene. Together with the visual mastermind Fabien Spaus, he orchestrated an atmospheric video with pale shop window mannequins and a banker on his way home from work, played by the marvelous Konstantin Rommelfangen.
Tun Tonnar
Musicvideo / Fiction